Whether you’re coming with your team, or on holiday in Ibiza and looking for something a bit different to keep you occupied for the weekend, you can be involved in the Ibiza 10s too! Why not come down and watch? Our spectator tickets are just £30 per person for the entire weekend, and gains you access to the site for all games, and for the after parties too!

 Your spectator ticket also entitles you to book our discounted accommodation, but please be aware that this will be issued on a first come first serve basis.

 We welcome all ages, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid rugby fan, or never watched a game in your life. Come down and get hooked!”

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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the RugbySpy Ibiza 10s! It’s a brilliantly organised event with great staff that make Ibiza a home away from home for the weekend. The standard of rugby is good, and the setting is obviously a huge draw too. I’d highly recommend it to any team, whether social team looking for a bit of a getaway, or a touring elite team on the summer circuit.

-- Chester Williams – Springboks Legend & 1995 World Cup Winner

The Ibiza 10’s encompasses everything that it should; good rugby on the pitch, quality infrastructure and great entertainment off the pitch. All wrapped up with warm weather and the surroundings of Ibiza. On top of this, there are rugby values galore on show. I have been involved with Rugby Spy Ibiza 10’s for a few years now and have seen the tournament grow and would highly recommend it for any club looking for a summer tour destination for women’s, men’s or vets team. Or even if you fancy a few days in the sun watching some rugby without putting your boots on it is still the destination for you. Run by rugby people for rugby people

-- Catherine Spencer – Ex-England Captain

Having met the RugbySpy crew at a rugby event a few years ago now, it was clear from the get go that the Teams vision was one a forward could definitely engage with…10s in the Sunshine….a format of rugby that still provides the opportunity to scrum and occasionally ruck…!!

The tournament has been hosted at other venues in Ibiza but the new venue is a step up and clearly shows the intent of the tournaments direction and the rugby level it is looking to attract. Serious stuff on the pitch but this is knitted together nicely with a number of bars, food outlets and places to chill-out so the Social element has been well and truly catered for. So while the teams prepare for a tough day of rugby they can look forward to a hard earned beverage and a hot tub when the final whistle blows and the sun sets across the pitch. There’s the odd after-party too so all in all a pretty decent tour weekend!

I had a fantastic time this Summer and very much looking forward to heading back out next year.

-- Claire Purdy – England and Wasps player & 2014 World Cup Winner

I love coming to Ibiza for the tournament. The atmosphere and the level of play are both outstanding. I do love that RugbySpy are trying to keep the family friendly rugby aspect of it which is why we kept coming back. The whole Rugbyspy staff were extremely hospitable and warm towards everyone. Every year the tournament has seemed to have gotten better and I cannot wait to come again.

-- Thomas Reyes – Renegade Rugby

Rugby is played all over the world on all continents in all temperatures and by all grades of player.
Competition might be international; national, regional or local.
There is Schools rugby; youth rugby and veteran’s rugby
There is men’s rugby and ladies rugby.
The joy of Ibiza is that you get all of this in one place at one time - and what a place………..
From a referee’s perspective -we love Ibiza: good competition; good pitches; fantastic weather; great company –and an après party to die for…….

I hope to see you there!

-- Nick Cousins - President, London Society of Rugby Football Union Referees